Inspiratiedag Digitale Literatuur

Kom ook naar de Inspiratiedag Digitale Literatuur op 13 september in de Bibliotheek LocHal! Met gedichtenmachines, VR, augmented reality, instagram novels, workshops, korte colleges, een discussie over de toekomst van digitale literatuur, en een openingslezing door mij. Hier meld je je gratis aan.

TSHD Digital Humanities Symposium: Fact & Fiction, Trust & Distrust

On June 29 and 30 the second edition of our TSHD Digital Humanities Symposium took place, organized by representatives from all departments of our School (Giovanni Cassani, Frederic Tomas, Inge van de Ven, and Sander Verhaegh). The program consisted of four keynotes and ten paper presentations, and was financed by THSD and Netherlands Institute for … Read more

Articles on Wie is de Mol, with Suzanne van der Beek

In 2020, colleague Suzanne van der Beek and I had a session with students in which we analyzed the popular Dutch TV-show Wie Is de Mol, as part of the course¬†Participatory Art taught by Suzanne in the BA Online Culture.¬†We wrote then wrote an article about the media networks and audience engagement surrounding this show, … Read more

Transformations of Attention. Transcriptions Center, UCSB, March 4

This event brings together experts from diverse fields to reflect on the interrelations between attention economies and the transformation of human capacities for, and modes of, attention. We will think through the implications of attention economies for the manners in which we attend to others, to media, and to the world around us. How do … Read more

Course Attention: Economies, Media, Affect

From Sept 27 – Oct 1 I will be teaching this intensive, one-week core course for NICA (Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis) for research MA and PhD students. In this course, we explore the meaning of present-day attention economies and their psychological, sociocultural, political, aesthetic, and ethical implications. To this end, we examine theories of … Read more

Interview with virtual girlfriend Jasmine (Wokies ASMR)

As part of my ongoing investigations into different media objects and how they manipulate and modulate our attention in the attention economy, I stumbled upon the genre of ASMR girlfriend roleplay videos and became fascinated with them. In these videos, uploaded on YouTube by ASMR artists, the performer plays the role of the viewer’s girlfriend … Read more

Inge van de Ven