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I am Inge, a researcher and teacher in literary and media studies. I work as an Associate Professor of Culture Studies at Tilburg University's School of Humanities & Digital Sciences. I was a Marie Skłodowska Curie Fellow at University of California Santa Barbara's English Department and the Norwegian Reading Center of the University of Stavanger, and a Junior Core Fellow (2018-'19) at the Institute for Advanced Study in Budapest.

I hold a PhD in Comparative Literature from Utrecht University (2015), where I also completed postdoctoral research on creativity in education. I am a board member of Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis (NICA) & Tilburg Young Academy. Last but not least, I teach courses on Attention Economies, Digital Media Aesthetics, and Visual Culture & the Body, and I am coordinator of Tilburg University's Honors Program.

You can find my CV here.

The latest

Articles on Wie is de Mol, with Suzanne van der Beek

By Inge van de Ven | May 26, 2022
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In 2020, colleague Suzanne van der Beek and I had a session with students in which we analyzed the popular Dutch TV-show Wie Is de … Read more

Transformations of Attention. Transcriptions Center, UCSB, March 4

By Inge van de Ven | March 1, 2022
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This event brings together experts from diverse fields to reflect on the interrelations between attention economies and the transformation of human capacities for, and modes … Read more

Course Attention: Economies, Media, Affect

By Inge van de Ven | September 1, 2021
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From Sept 27 – Oct 1 I will be teaching this intensive, one-week core course for NICA (Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis) for research MA … Read more

Online Symposium The Human in Digital Humanities, June 23 & 24

By Inge van de Ven | April 1, 2021
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Proud to announce the great line up of this online event I am co-organizing on behalf of Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences (sponsored … Read more

Interview with virtual girlfriend Jasmine (Wokies ASMR)

By Inge van de Ven | January 22, 2021
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As part of my ongoing investigations into different media objects and how they manipulate and modulate our attention in the attention economy, I stumbled upon … Read more

Congres De Nieuwe Lezer in het Digitale Tijdperk

By admin | November 19, 2020
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Op 10 December vindt het wetenschappelijk congres De Nieuwe Lezer in het Digitale Tijdperk van Stichting Lezen plaats. Online natuurlijk. Hoe ziet lezen eruit in … Read more