ASMR Girlfriend & TikTok Boyfriend POV Videos

Full list of videos examined for chapter ‘Personal Attentions: Alleviating Loneliness and Isolation through Virtual Girlfriends and Boyfriends.’

ASMR videos

Artist Title Date Views (Nov 25, 2020)
Its_Jayfarm ✨ASMR Girlfriend✨ Affirmation & Personal Attention. Apr 5 30,071
Its_Jayfarm ✨ASMR GF✨ Bedtime Stories & Songs Apr 9 6,150
Its_Jayfarm ✨ASMR✨ Red 7 Card Game Demo & Review Apr 19 873
Its_Jayfarm ✨ASMR GF✨Counts Your Coin Jar! Apr 23 1,212
Its_Jayfarm ✨ASMR GF✨ Gives You a Motivational Pep-talk Apr 30 3,477
Its_Jayfarm ✨ASMR Girlfriend ✨ Gives You a Haircut May 7 5,566
Its_Jayfarm ✨ASMR GF✨ Designs Your Custom Mask pt. 1 Oct 9 3,038
ASMR CherryCrush ASMR ❤️Close Up & Intimate // I want YOU to feel GOOD! Mar 17 381,625
ASMR CherryCrush ASMR 🍒 Personal Attention – Deep Relaxing Ear to Ear Sounds Apr 1 249,721
ASMR CherryCrush ASMR- Positive Affirmations ♡ Jun 2 420,109
ASMR CherryCrush ASMR 🍒 Tranquil Touching & Humming You To Sleep Jun 23 600,505
ASMR CherryCrush ASMR 🍒 Massaging you to sleep & plucking away your anxiety Aug 4 371,085
ASMR CherryCrush ASMR // Deep Personal Ear Attention & Measuring You Nov 24 81,314
Wokies ASMR ASMR Girlfriend sleeps while you game | No Talking | Ambient Gaming | Sleep | Personal Attention Mar 11 6,099
Wokies ASMR ASMR Shh..I’m Trying to Sleep | Girlfriend | Personal Attention | Whispering | Relax Apr 18 45,865
Wokies ASMR ASMR Plucking and Snipping Your Stress and Anxiety | Soft Spoken | Personal Attention Apr 30 3,212
Wokies ASMR ASMR Girlfriend Needs You 🥺 | Personal Attention | Whispering May 1 112,214
Wokies ASMR ASMR Girlfriend Therapy Session | Honest Talk | Personal Attention | Relax May 13 28,9
Wokies ASMR ASMR Girlfriend Eats Breakfast with You | Honest Rant | Personal Attention | Soft Spoken May 27 11,917


Wokies ASMR ASMR Physical Checkup with Jasmine | Personal Attention | Soft Spoken May 28 13,977
Wokies ASMR ASMR Girlfriend Chats with You | Personal Attention | Positive Jun 9 24,477
Wokies ASMR ASMR Girlfriend Helps You Up | Personal Attention | Positivity Jun 23 82,679
Wokies ASMR ASMR Girlfriend Plays Video Games while You Sleep Jul 26 36,122
Wokies ASMR ASMR Girlfriend Bedtime Positive Affirmations | Sleep | Real Thunder Aug 11 48,655
Wokies ASMR ASMR Girlfriend Helps You with Anxiety | Shirt Scratching | Throat Sounds | Gurgle | Relax Aug 27 21,509
Wokies ASMR ASMR Girlfriend Comforts You During a Panic Attack Oct 16 31,993
Creative Calm AS MR ASMR Your Girlfriend Gets You Ready For Work! 👔 Mar 18 80,575
Creative Calm ASMR GETTIN’ ALL UP IN YO FACE 👀| ASMR Up Close Personal Attention Mar 28 80,616
Creative Calm ASMR ASMR STAY HOME WITH ME 🙏🏻 | Helping You Roleplay Apr 7 65,913
Creative Calm ASMR ASMR FALL ASLEEP WITH ME IN 33 MINUTES 💛| Personally Helping You Sleep Apr 26 107,172
Creative Calm ASMR ASMR ONE ON ONE ATTENTION 🧡| Whispering, Helping You Relax & Sleep 89,978 May 19
Creative Calm ASMR ASMR VERY PERSONAL PAMPERING 💜 (Personal Attention Roleplay, Pampering You At Home, Face Brushing) Jun 21 66,830
Creative Calm ASMR ASMR SASSY GIRLFRIEND TAKES CARE OF YOU ❤️ (Personal Attention For Sleep, ASMR Roleplay For Men) Jun 25 109,966
Creative Calm ASMR ASMR British Girlfriend Comforts You ♡ Personal Attention Sep 20 99,175
Creative Calm ASMR ASMR Wifey One on One ♡ Massage & Personal Attention For Sleep Oct 20 72,337
Creative Calm ASMR ASMR Girlfriend Personal Attention ♡ Relaxing & Cosy Times ft Wish Nov 12 54,702
Florescent ASMR Girlfriend Roleplay Netflix and chilling! (Kisses and personal attention) Mar 12 347,926
Florescent ASMR Girlfriend spends time with you in Quarantine/Isolation (I love you, triggers, kisses) Mar 18 293,385
Florescent ASMR Sensual Girlfriend helps you fall to sleep and gives you Kisses and love! Mar 30 849,986
Florescent ASMR Girlfriend Baths with you! (Water sounds, whispers and personal attention) Apr 3 1,121,796
Florescent ASMR Girlfriend gives you an intimate massage! 💋(personal attention, kisses, hand & oil sounds) Apr 7 712,712
Florescent ASMR Girlfriend sunbathes with you ☀️ (Outside noises and day sounds) Apr 12 321,275
Florescent ASMR 💖Girlfriend comforts you while you’re sad 🥺(wiping your tears away, singing, kissing you, hugs) May 15 408,236
Florescent ASMR 🥰Girlfriend plays Fortnite with you roleplay! 🎮 (I ACTUALLY WON!!!) Jul 4 2,078,789
Florescent ASMR 💖Your Girlfriend plays Hardcore Minecraft with you! (Keyboard & mouse sounds, soft spoken) Aug 17 261,194
Darya Lozhkina ASMR ASMR⚠ ISOLATION⚠ Are you ready to get SO close? Apr 3 305,744


TikTok videos: boyfriend POV


  • Ur watching a movie with ur boyfriend but you want some attention @brycebuse3
  • Ur watching a movie with ur boyfriend but you want some attention @itskalebb
  • POV: you’re in a bad mood and your boyfriend asks you a question @hunter_echoo
  • I’m your boyfriend and I see you in your prom dress for the first time @Daltonkirkley
  • Your boyfriend is showing you off at your (insert sport here) game @ericmontanez
  • POV: You try to talk to your gaming boyfriend @rohanramdin
  • Your boyfriend tryin’ to get ur attention @blingblingggggg
  • POV: you want attention from your boyfriend @jhnandreacayen
  • POV: boyfriend gives you attention @sun.pakk
  • POV: you want your boyfriend’s attention but he’s playing games @brian_with_a_y
  • Mafia POV: your mafia boyfriend is in an important meeting. you nag him for attention @fash
  • You’re on ft with your boyfriend and complain that he doesn’t give you enough attention @anthonyseanofficial
  • #POV you’re watching a move with your boyfriend, but now you want some attention @jromee
  • You think your boyfriend isn’t paying any attention to you meanwhile he’s listening to everything you say @notmcplaygt
  • I’m doing work and you want attention @marcchoy
  • You get jealous that your boyfriend isn’t giving you any attention @theericpetersen
  • Your boyfriend is playing videogames and now it’s your turn to get attention @aaronjcayanan
  • You’re mad at your boyfriend for not giving you enough attention so he try’s [sic] to cheer you up @heyimclaas
  • You try to get your boyfriend’s attention at a party so y’all can go @_girlthatsnate_
  • Tryna get your boyfriend’s attention on FaceTime @dom.yniguez
  • You’re a little antsy today while #virtualboyfriend has things to do @sebastienrteller
  • You’ve been talking trash all morning but I’ve decided to play your game @sebastienrteller
  • You want attention from your gamer boyfriend and know exactly how to get it @dizzychrissy
  • #POV You push your boyfriend’s buttons for attention @thechrisbarnett
  • You’re [sic] boyfriend is playing games with the homies but you want attention @dizzychrissy
  • Your boyfriend is working from home and you want his attention @thechrisbarnett
  • Your boyfriend isn’t giving you attention for one second @Ianiswoods13
  • You’re at your boyfriends house & get jealous because he’s paying his phone more attention than you. @lattoevans


  • Your boyfriend was fighting with his friends again until you walked in @pat.fco
  • You’re hanging out with your psycho boyfriend when a warning on the TV reveals his secret @goverboe
  • #POV: you get into a huge argument with your boyfriend and your brother comes to check that you’re okay @itsselmo
  • Your mob boss boyfriend has a stressful day at work and you wanted to help him out @skyyjade
  • Your boyfriend comes home from “work” but you see his face on TV as the most wanted serial killer @christianlourde
  • You’re [sic] serial killer boyfriend followed you home again @goverboe
  • You find out your boyfriends true colors when you find him out with his friends. @goverboe
  • TW POV you’re in an abusive relationship with your boyfriend that’s a celebrity, before you guys get on stage he makes sure you put on a fake smile @kidnamedriley
  • I was your crazy boyfriend @seth_verian
  • I’m your overprotective boyfriend @Sean_munro
  • You find out who your boyfriend really is, a cold blooded criminal….. @Calvin_reef
  • Your boyfriend is being arrested for a crime that you committed @Ryanjdcasey
  • You recently broke up with Mattia, but if he can’t have you, no one can @Nrvekai
  • Your boyfriend has anger issues and when you touch him you’re the only one who can control him @torvas
  • Your boyfriend lied about being a virgin @Nikpoire
  • Your crazy ex boyfriend breaks into your house and starts talking about killing, he hears your new boyfriend in the closet… @Tristantbvibin
  • Your psycho boyfriend caught you cheated on him with his best friend @jordybouletviau
  • You think you catch your boyfriend cheating but he pushes it off as a joke like everything else till he realized he lost you @Bryan.williams
  • Your boyfriend takes your journal and starts to read it to find out what you wrote is not about him @kadenstowers
  • Your abusive boyfriend puts his hands on you for the last time @ryanclem
  • Your boyfriend turns himself in for a crime you committed. you don’t know if you’ll ever see him again. @ryanesling
  • Your boyfriend is a little selfish @Jacksondean
  • You’re hanging out with your boyfriend who is a hitman and gets his next target. It’s your bestfriend. @connor.tanner
  • Your boyfriend runs the mafia but he ain’t no boss to you @fash
  • You tell your boyfriend about your insecurities, instead comforting you he points out your flaws @Riverperkins
  • Your abusive boyfriend goes to hit you again. This time you defend yourself with a knife. @Suidxe
  • Your demon boyfriend knows your true feelings for him but you try and play it off @Ryanclemm
  • Your indoor boyfriend takes you by surprise after he escaped the prison @Jordybouletviau
  • Your boyfriend has mob ties so he sends me to take care of your stalker @Corradommartini
  • You see your boyfriend getting an aggressive alcoholic @jordybouletviau
  • Your boyfriend has anger issues and you’re the only one who can calm him down @torvas
  • Your boyfriend feels guilty so he tells you he cheated on you on your birthday through ft @.ohalex
  • You and your boyfriend are playing around until you realize he wants to get rid of you all along @jahsli
  • Your boyfriend is back to his demonic self and you slowly fall in love with him realizing he’s just like a normal person @torvas
  • You’re FaceTiming your boyfriend but you two have a [sic] aggressive friendship @giovanni1021
  • I’m the psychotic boyfriend who’s spying on his gf but she’s getting suspicious pt. 2 @codyandrew
  • #POV I’m the crazy boyfriend @sidneydunk
  • You find out your boyfriend is psychotic and wants to torture you @glit2319
  • Your drunk boyfriend causes a scene and you regret him coming @slimedupmike
  • Your crazy ex boyfriend breaks into your house @ajlandyy
  • POV: I’m getting a little more controlling these days cause you’re looking so damn B-E-A-UTIFUL! @olliesloan
  • POV: Your demonic boyfriend loves you but can’t let go of his demonic energies so he tells you to run from him before he does something he’ll regret. @torvas
  • #POV Your psycho boyfriend took your phone and see that you are cheating on him. Then he let you know that you are HIS @jordybouletviau
  • POV: I’m your psychotic boyfriend who’s threatening your ex because he still has feelings for you, thankfully he didn’t catch me on a bad day @codyandrew
  • Your boyfriend stole your diary filed with all of the things you want to do @_cjma
  • #POV You’re beginning to learn more about your demonic boyfriend and aren’t sure if you should feel safe or scared @ryanclem
  • POV: you called your abusive boyfriend psychopathic and shows you how “psychopathic he can be @donndew
  • You tell your abusive boyfriend you’re leaving him but he pushes you to the wall and won’t let you leave @donndew
  • POV: I was a toxic boyfriend and promised I would be back as her worst fear😈 @keyondre.forreal
  • POV: you break up with your crazy boyfriend but he isn’t ready to let go. @vallykpena
  • POV: you walk into your friends party but you see your boyfriend flirting with another girl @maxbaeza
  • POV: your boyfriend is acting weird and you tell him you’re scared. @ericwakeham
  • You leave you toxic boyfriend…but you realize you have nothing without him in your life…. @bryan.williams


  • duet me if you’d like this. @mr.imhim
  • #duet with >mr.imhim. Feels good when someone cares after a bad day. @mrs.itsher
  • You stayed the night at your boyfriends house and he makes you feel at home @goverboe
  • You sleep over with your boyfriend for the first time and he makes you pancakes @custisblue
  • POV: I’m you boyfriend and it’s our first sleepover. @bryan.williams
  • Your boyfriend lost in a game of rock paper scissors so he has to dance every time you play the music on your date. @itsedgeo_o
  • POV: you’re sick @sweetboyfriend
  • POV:your [sic] sleeping with your boyfriend and he wakes up just to say you are beautiful @perlongo
  • Your boyfriend gives you a present for your anniversary @jordybouletviau
  • Your boyfriend finally stands up to your abusive dad @Nikpoire_
  • Your boyfriend doesn’t want you to worry about other girls @Jacksondean
  • POV you forgot to put your long distance boyfriend on mute and now he can’t wait for his birthday @corradommartini
  • Waking up next to your boyfriend @ianhegstro
  • You’re [sic] mood was a little low today so I tried to make things better @Sebastienrteller
  • Pov: you [sic] boyfriend is talking about wanting kids and what their names would be. In this moment you realize your mom was right, he’s not the one. @osama.alnaser
  • Daily reminder that #virtualboyfriend loves and appreciates you very much @sebastienrteller
  • You take your #virtualboyfriend to the beach and he loves the ocean a bit too much @sebastienrteller
  • My formal application to be your #virtualboyfriend @sebastienrteller
  • Your boyfriend wakes up humming and you kinda like it @tommykok
  • Sometimes a #voicemail from #virtualboyfriend telling you he loves you is all you need. @sebastienrteller
  • Your boyfriend is telling you how he feels @jacksondean
  • Your boyfriend accompanies you to go shopping @aaron_ofrancois
  • You dress in a certain special outfit to see if #virtualboyfriend remembers @sebastienrteller
  • It’s the morning after and you still have a boyfriend @kylecolver
  • #virtualboyfriend won’t let your unsupportive dad lead the conversation through dinner if it’s just to say mean things @sebastienrteller
  • You’ve been questioning how real #virtualboyfriend is. Here’s your answer. @sebastienrteller
  • Your boyfriend wants to know how you feel about him @jacksondean
  • Your boyfriend tells you he is loyal @jacksondean
  • #virtualboyfriend is easy to please. A nice view, a coffee, and you’re all set. @sebastienrteller
  • You wake up next to your supportive boyfriend @alexcollyard
  • If I was your boyfriend… #POV #lgbt #gay #goodmorning @iambenjaminposs
  • I promise you with all my heart it won’t always be this way #virtualboyfriend @sebastienrteller
  • You seem to forget that #virtualboyfriend can be quite ballsy at times @sebastienrteller
  • A soft morning with #virtualboyfriend @sebastienrteller
  • You bring your #virtualboyfriend to dinner with your family for the first time @sebastienrteller
  • You finally asked the forsaken question @sebastienrteller
  • The day after the dinner your mind’s still racing so #virtualboyfriend tells you what he thinks you ought to know @sebastienrteller